HVAC Engineer Jobs in Dubai, Danway Electromechanical LLC Hiring HVAC engineer

HVAC Engineer Jobs in Dubai:-  Danway company is a fully owned subsidiary of AI Nowais Investment, Danway Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Danway LLC, Danway Industries, and the Danway Emirates. The company has an excellent record of delivering trustable engineering solutions as it is managed by a team of highly qualified and proficient engineers. Danway has quality standards, customer service, and technical support.

HVAC Engineer JOB in UAE

There was a total of 3000 employees comprising 300 Engineers and Executives, 200 Administrative Staff, and 200 site Workforce. Danway can handle and take projects of any level. Danway has offices in different parts they are- UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and KSA. Danway is also thinking to enhance its services to other countries in the Middle East

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    The vision of the company is to be one of the respected Engineering and Contracting Companies offering multiple solutions in the EPC field.

    HVAC Engineer Jobs in Dubai

    Danway has invited competent and knowledgeable engineers who can fulfill the needs of the company completely. Interested professionals can go through the below article to know everything about the post.

    HVAC Engineer Jobs in Dubai (Roll)

    HVAC Engineers are those experts that design the systems that control temperature and airflow within different commercial and residences. The Engineer is responsible to design, maintain, manufacture, and test and analyze heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

    He is the person that invents heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for a new building or an existing building. They give your workplace a cooling touch to calm down your mood and let you work happily and peacefully.

    The career is very interesting but an HVAC engineer requires all the skills that fit his designation.


    To apply for the post candidate must carry an undergraduate degree in HVAC engineering, Mechanical engineering, or any degree equivalent to it.


    1.      Aspirant must be skilled in Mathematics, Science, Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Electrical engineering, and Mechanical Studies

    2.      They should have the knowledge of construction as the role may require to work with contractors

    3.      Candidates must have good Computer knowledge and design with CAD software as it will be needed for the job

    4.      They must have the good communication skills

    5.      They should be skilled in estimating costs

    6.      They should have the knowledge of Market and other business skills for the company growth

    7.      They must be capable enough to design good heating and cooling systems

    8. Heat Load Calculation (Manually & HAP)

    9. Chillers Testing and Commissioning

    10. Chillers Pipe Insulation Size and Piping Size

    11. Duct Design

    12. Flow of Chilled water

    13. Units Selection

    14. Knowledge of FAHU and Equipment selection

    15. Material Management at site


    The starting salary of the HVAC engineer starts from 6,000 to 25,000. Not only this with the passing time and after gaining more experience their salary will increase depends on their capabilities.


    Candidate have to work with different tools so they should have the required knowledge of that they are-

    1.      Heating and cooling equipment like- pumps, fans, pipes, and motors

    2.      Drafting programs like AutoCAD

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