Townsend Harris High School Overview, Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Seats

Townsend Harris High School Overview, Acceptance Rate of Townsend Harris High School New York, THHS New York Ranking, Admission Procedure & Seats

Townsend Harris High School (THHS) also at Queens College is a public specialty higher education institution in Queens, New York City, dedicated to the humanities. “Harrisites” is a term used by students and alumni to describe themselves.

Townsend Harris is frequently listed in the top 100 schools in the nation. Townsend Harris High School was founded in 1984 by graduates of Townsend Harris Hall Prep School, which had been shuttered since the 1940s and wished to restore. This procedure began in 1980.

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    The overview and admission procedure of Townsend Harris High School

    The school has a total of 270 seats allotted to the students. These seats are entitled to each student on the basis of specific criteria i.e., academic results of the previous class marks in entrance tests as well as records of attendance of the students.

    Townsend Harris High School
    Townsend Harris High School

    Some spaces are open for 9th graders who want to enter Townsend as underclassmen, though the amount varies greatly from year to year. The variation occurs as the number of students leaving during the freshman year keeps on changing. For instance, in 2006 only 5 seats were available for new admissions.

    Prior to 1988, an interview along with a written examination was also a part of the admission process. However, after 1988 both the interview and the written examination were removed from the overall admission process. Students are required to take a written math exam upon admission. In addition to passing the exam, students must meet the required grade requirements.

    Academics of Townsend Harris High School

    As freshmen, all students can take a “fifth year” of English in the form of linguistics and writing processes, in addition to the traditional three-year Regents English program. In addition to standard modern language requirements, which can be met through Spanish, French, or Japanese studies.

    Students must complete two main language requirements, which can be met through Latin or Greek coursework. One of the most famous aspects of the school’s curriculum includes a special program for the senior category students which is known as bridge year.

    Students who perform with flying colours in the school curriculum are also awarded up to 12 courses at queen’s college. All these courses are available free of cost.

    This includes a mandatory humanities seminar given by Harris lecturers in collaboration with Queens College professors.

    THHS Student body

    Unlike the original school, which was only open to male students, the school has now been controlled by female students. Since its start, the school is accounting for over 70% of the student population today.

    As of 2019, this institution’s minority population is predominantly Asian, with the “Asian as well as other” category of the New York State Department of Education accounting for 44 percent of the overall student body, making it the school’s largest portion. Among the total population of the students, 7% are black students, Hispanic pupils account for 12% of the school population along with majority students being the white students i.e., 37%.

    Ranking of Townsend Harris High School

    As per the rankings at the national level, Townsend Harris High School has been awarded 19th position. Some criteria at which this school has been ranked are state-required tests, graduation, and the hard work and the level of preparation by the students for the college.

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    The rankings of the Townsend Harris High School are ranked on certain criteria such as proficiency in several languages, rate of post-school graduation, as well as exam performance.

    Other rankings where Townsend Harris School has performed with flying colors. As per the ranking provided in New York High Schools, Townsend Harris School is ranked in 1st position. Not just this, the school also ranked first in New York metro area high schools and New York City Public Schools High School. Also, as per STEM High Schools, the school is ranked at 203rd position.


    Townsend Harris High School New York
    Townsend Harris High School New York (Source)

    From several rankings and other data, it is evident that Townsend Harris School is one of the best schools in New York. It has a smooth process of admission and the facilities of the school are one of the best. Also, the school prepares the students for admission to the college.

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